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segunda-feira, 8 de junho de 2015

"I like to travel out my own walls"

I like to travel out my own walls 
This castle of mine build up by bones
And stones that raise 'till the sky so high
'Cause earth is no wide 
When there are echoes and sighs  
Occupying the space for feelings that hide
Scared by the bright of "City of Lights".

This dreamy Paris is shining with glow 
Spidery veins resembling the snow;

I know carriages 
May be too old
But to my both ears
The sound of the wheels
Is made out of gold.

There are lovesick lovers passing on by 
hallowed hallways with demons inside 
While centuries get stagnant beneath my eyes;

Although it is known by "The City of Love"
The grey painted sky up there above
Shows the lost tears of who has been lost 
The passed line that should 've never been crossed 
So, why is this city made out of rocks 
Instead made by the thoughts 
that have never been told?

Oh...! Verses and art are the only salvation
To that lonely people in a crowded nation.

Sara Moura, 8.º B 
(Texto base para a avaliação oral de Inglês – 3º período – 2014/15)

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